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About Jen

I am so excited to be on this great journey in my life. I have not been doing photography all of my life like most photographers. I didn't realize that I had an interest in photography until my son Sean was born. I was given a film camera by my parents, and started snapping away! I loved taking pictures of my son, my family, especially my nieces. I have a great supportive family that has always told me that I should do something with my talent.

I mainly decided that I want to focus on Maternity, Newborn, and Children because that is where my true passion lies. I can't wait to show parents and families the emotion that I capture in those important times of their lives. I love children, and have always been told that I have a way with kids. Through my photography I am able to work with kids and create beautiful works of art for all different types of families. I truly want to become a part of your family for years to come so I can continually capture these types of memories! :)